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Posted on Friday June 15, 2018
Alert from 19th Judicial Circuit Court

In recent years, a popular Jury Duty Scam has been taking place across the country. We have
received several reports of this scam taking place in Lake County. This is how the scam takes

An unsuspecting individual receives a telephone call from someone identifying themselves as a court
official. The caller informs the individual that they failed to report for jury duty and, as a
result, a warrant has been issued for their arrest. The individual receiving the call is caught by
surprise and very alarmed because they never received any jury duty notices. The caller agrees to
help resolve the matter; however, states they will need some additional information for
“verification purposes”. The additional information requested may include your birth date, social
security number, driver’s license number and/or credit card information. Never provide personal
information to unsolicited callers.

The Lake County Jury Commission does not make unsolicited calls, nor would they ever ask for the
type of information being requested by the scammers. The Jury Commission does have a process for
the handling failing to report jurors; however, that process does not include contacting the
individual by phone.

If you are unsure, please call our Jury Commission office and we can confirm if you have or have
not recently been summoned for jury service in Lake County. We suggest that you contact your local
police department if you receive suspicious telephone calls. More information regarding this  Jury
Duty Scam is available at http://www.fbi./gov/news/stories/2006/june/jury_scam060206

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