Fire and Ambulance Services

The Village is served by two Fire Departments. The Wauconda Fire Department covers the northern portion of the Village, basically from Miller Road north, while the Barrington Countryside Fire Protection District covers the southern half of the Village. A very small portion of Lake Barrington falls in the Lake Zurich Fire Protection District.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Indoor sprinkler systems are required of all new construction homes and are sometimes required for home additions and remodeling depending upon the square footage. For more information, please refer to the Lake Barrington Municipal Code or contact your local Fire Department.

  • Wauconda Fire  (847) 526-2821
  • Barrington Countryside Fire  (224) 848-4800
  • Lake Zurich Fire  (847) 540-5070


Fireworks Prohibited

The use of fireworks is strictly prohibited. See Chapter 1 of Title 4 of the Lake Barrington Municipal Code for details.

Open Burning Regulations (Allowed October 1 through May 31)

Open burning of leaves and small branches on private property owned or occupied by the person conducting the burn shall be permitted without a permit, but only during the months of October through May, and only between the hours of 9:00am and 6:00pm. For more detailed information about Open Burning Regulations, please see the Fire Prevention Code, Section 7-3-4 of the Lake Barrington Municipal Code. Burning on streets and public ways is prohibited.

Green Grid Signs Act as Emergency Beacons, Speed Delivery of District’s Fire & EMS Services

The green numbered signs dotting the BCFPD landscape serve an important role in the delivery of fire and emergency medical services: they act as beacons to help firefighters and paramedics rapidly reach residents in need.

The signs – familiar landmarks to area residents – allow firefighters to accurately identify home locations throughout the BCFPD, where addresses are based on postal rural route numbers.

As a result, house numbers are out of sequence in many areas. In addition, several homes have duplicate numbers, or mailing addresses that indicate a different street than their actual location.  The signs avoid the potential for confusion and allow for faster response times.

“The numbers displayed on the signs are based on the grid address system. They are the same numbers that appear on emergency dispatchers’ computers,” he explains.
“Without the signs, it can be very, very difficult to know which property summoned our help. In a situation where seconds might mean the difference between life and death, it is important to get where we need to go quickly.”

BCFPD officials urge residents to keep the grid signs on their properties clear of foliage, debris or other obstructions that may affect firefighters’ ability to identify a home’s location.

Residents with signs that have been damaged, or knocked down by snow plows or other vehicles, should contact the BCFPD at (224) 848-4800 to request a free replacement.