Police Services

The Village contracts with the Lake County Sheriff's Department for Police Services. The County provides an officer to patrol the Village 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  For Lake County Sheriff (Non-Emergency) call (847) 549-5200.

Alarm System Registration

All residential and business alarm systems must be registered with the Lake County Sheriff's Department by calling (847) 549-5200. Owners are given an allowance of three false alarms before being charged at increasing rates for subsequent occurrences.

Animal Control

All dogs must be picked up after and kept on a leash upon leaving their owners' property. Repeated barking is considered a nuisance. Please follow the animal control procedures below:

  • Dog Bite or dangerous/rabid animal: CALL 911
  • Dog running loose or barking dog: Call Lake County Sheriff, Non-emergency, (847) 549-5200.
  • Raccoon, chipmunk, deer or other wild animal: Call the Illinois Department of Natural Resources - Wild Animal Office at (217) 782-6384. They will put you in touch with a state registered private contractor.


House Watch Service

If you are heading out of town, you can call the Lake County Sheriff's non-emergency number at (847) 549-5200 to let them know when you will be gone and to provide them with the contact information for any friends or neighbors who is your emergency key holder or local contact.


The Village has set curfew hours for children under the age of 17 and school regulations for enrolled students under the age of 18. Basic curfew hours are between 11 pm - 6 am Sunday through Thursday, and midnight - 6 am Friday and Saturday. Please refer to the Curfew Ordinance Section 4-1-3-7 for complete restrictions and exceptions.

Handicap Parking Stickers

Residents requiring permanent or temporary handicap parking stickers that reside in Cuba Township should apply at the Cuba Township Office located at 28000 W. Cuba Road, Barrington, (847) 381-1924 and Wauconda Township residents should apply at the Wauconda Township Office located at 505 W. Bonner Road, Wauconda, (847) 526-2631.

Hunting/Discharge of Firearms Prohibited

Chapter 1 of Title 4 and Chapter 1 of Title 6 prohibit hunting and the discharge of firearms in the Village of Lake Barrington.

Open Burning Regulations

(Allowed October 1 through May 31)
Open burning of leaves and small branches on private property is permitted during the months of October through May, and only between the hours of 9:00am and 6:00pm. For more detailed information about Open Burning Regulations, please see the Fire Prevention Code, Section 7-3-4 of the Lake Barrington Municipal Code. Burning on streets and public ways is prohibited.

Overnight Parking Prohibited

On-street, overnight parking, is prohibited during the hours of 2am-6am. Call Village Hall if an exception is needed. An example would be not enough room in driveway for overnight guests. 

Solicitors Information

"No solicitors/peddlers" door stickers are available at the Village Hall. For more information please click here to view a summary on Solicitors/Peddlers/Canvassers.