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Stormwater Management Program

The Stormwater Management Program (SWMP) was developed by Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc. in coordination with the Village for the purpose of meeting the minimum standards required by the USEPA under the NPDES Phase II program. The SWMP describes the procedures and practices implemented by the Village to effectively reduce the discharge of pollutants within stormwater runoff and comply with Federal standards.

Learn more about stormwater management and things you can do to help reduce the discharge of pollutants within stormwater runoff.

This website contains the following:

  • Educational links to specific topics mentioned in the MS4 permit

  • Posted Annual Reports from the past 5 years - required by the MS4 permit

  • Contact/Outreach form, which will allow residents and community members to provide general feedback on the MS4 Stormwater Program, or to report a stormwater issue. The MS4 permit requires that there be a procedure in place for residents to report an issue or comment on the program.

To learn more about lakes and ponds management, view this helpful information.

Homeowner Best Practices
Simple stormwater practices can be applied by the homeowner for water quality, flood reduction and healthy natural resources. Please do what you can for our streams and wildlife - they thank you!

To learn more about what you can do to help the environment,  view "A Citizen's Guide to Maintaining Stormwater Best Management Practices".

Lake County Stormwater Management has advised us that following a very wet summer and fall, which caused river levels to exceed flood stage a record seven times, the abnormally wet ground conditions and the potential for more rain and snow this winter, the National Weather Service is cautioning that those factors could lead to a considerably higher risk for flooding this spring.   

Heavy rainfall can increase the possibility of flood damage to homes. Flood damage means costly repairs. Reduce the amount of water that gets close to your home by making sure your gutters are free from debris, making sure storm drains are clear, and inspecting the foundation of your home and making repairs where necessary.
View these floodproofing tips

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