Elected Officials

                    Village President and Board of Trustees


President: Kevin C. Richardson Kevin Richardson

Andrew BurkeChristopher D. MitchellSusie PerkinsRandall RigbyJim C. Thompson  John Schaller

   Andrew F. Burke
        Christopher D. Mitchell         Susie Perkins              Randall Rigby             Jim C.Thompson             John Schaller

The Village President and Board of Trustees are elected officials serving staggering 4-year terms. Municipal officials in Lake Barrington are elected during the Consolidated Election in April with years ending in odd number (i.e. 2015, 2017, etc.). In accordance with election guidelines, if a vacancy is created within the first two years of a term and prior to the next filing period, then the vacant seat shall appear on the next Consolidated Election ballot.

The Board of Trustees meets regularly once a month, typically on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.  Schedule of Regular Meetings

If you would like to send correspondence to a Village Official(s):

Mail to: 23860 N. Old Barrington Road
             Lake Barrington, IL 60010

President  Kevin C. Richardson          [email protected]
Trustee     Andrew F. Burke                 [email protected]org
Trustee     Christopher D. Mitchell       [email protected]
Trustee     Susie Perkins                     [email protected]
Trustee     Randall Rigby                     [email protected]
Trustee     John Schaller                     J[email protected]
Trustee     Jim C. Thompson               [email protected]

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