The Village retains the Cuba Township Road District to plow our public streets in Lake Barrington.  During major storm events, current information can be found on their Homepage at  If you have a service request, click HERE for their electronic form, or call and leave a message at 847-381-7793.

Not all streets within Lake Barrington are under our jurisdiction.  Lake County and the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) also have roads they maintain and plow.  More information and service request forms can be found at the
LCDOT website or call 847-377-7400 or on the IDOT website, IDOT Comment Form, or call 217-782-2937.

Cuba Township                        Lake County DOT                                IDOT___

Local Streets                            Kelsey, Miller, Roberts                        14 & 22

Cuba Township Road District often pre-applies an anti-icing liquid to the streets to prevent the snow from bonding to the surface. Anti-icing involves the application of liquid products to the roadway before a winter storm begins and is the most effective approach to prevent icy and snow-compacted roads. The liquid used is a solution of 70% saltwater (salt brine), and 30% and calcium chloride.  The products used form a barrier between the pavement and the snow and ice layer, which reduces the chance that ice will form on the surface.  It is similar to how cooking oil prevents food from sticking to the frying pan.  More information about anti-icing agent, ThermaPoint R. 

Read the latest BACOG bruchure, Know your Water: Salt Smart Edition for helpful information on best salt practices during winter snow and ice conditions as well as other ways to reduce salt from entering the environment.

Winter Driving Tips: 

  • Slow Down
  • Give yourself plenty of room to stop
  • Don’t crowd the plow!
  • Leave early
  • When clearing snow from your driveway, shovel snow “downstream” of roadway traffic
  • Take some deep breaths, spring will be here again : -)

Here is a quick video from DuPage County about shoveling and deicing your driveway and walks: