Electric Aggregation Program Q&A

                                            Village of Lake Barrington Electric Aggregation Program

Is this a scam?

No, the Village is resuming its electric aggregation program at the fixed rate of 6.05¢ per kWh.

This In addition to the low fixed rate This 100% Green Energy program reduces Village’s carbon footprint at zero cost to residents. 

What do I need to do? You do not need to do anything; let’s explain:

  1. If your notice says, “Electric Aggregation Notice,” your account will be switched to MC Squared and you need do nothing. You will receive a ComEd switch notice in July confirming the change. You can choose not to support the Village’s program and opt out by: 1) calling 855-724-6294, or 2) returning the pre-paid opt out form you received.
  2. If your notice says, “Remain at ComEd: No Action Required,” your account will remain at ComEd, and you need do nothing. Your account is still considered a part of the Green Aggregation, even though served by ComEd.
  3. If your notice says, “Electric Aggregation: Opt In Notice,” your account will remain with your current privately-contracted supplier; you need do nothing.
  4. If your notice says, “Informational Content Only,” you may be on hourly or on another service contract, and need do nothing; your account will not be switched.


I thought electric aggregation was a savings program. Will I save money on this program?

No, but you will never pay more than the ComEd rate. The Village received competitive bids for a standard program, but all pricing was higher than ComEd. The Village will receive Renewable Energy Credits, and will achieve designation as an EPA Green Power Community—at zero cost to residents and the Village. 

Someone came to my door to sign me up.

Beware! No one from ComEd, MC Squared, or the Village will ever call or visit you at home to sign you up. Never reveal your ComEd account information to solicitors who say they represent the Village or ComEd.

Why are some accounts at ComEd and some at MC Squared Energy?

First, there is no difference to you: the price is exactly the same for all. Suppliers analyze every meter; depending on complex usage patterns, certain accounts are selected to remain at ComEd and others switch to MC Squared. All pay the exact same rate; additionally, the Village will receive a small reserve fund at zero cost to residents.

 But I’m still confused and have more questions:

Understood: This is different from the previous aggregation. Our electric consultant will gladly answer your questions. You may email at [email protected] or call 800-727-3820. Leave your name and callback number and your call will be returned very shortly.

Important to know: the ComEd rate changes slightly every month, therefore the Village program rate with MC Squared will, in lockstep, vary monthly. The cost to generate power is variable.


For more detail about aggregation, different suppliers or the ComEd rate, visit, a website established by the Illinois Commerce Commission for consumers to learn about power rates in Illinois.