New Single Family Home Construction Requirements

New Single Family Home Construction Requirements

Watershed Development
Building permits and/or Village approval is needed under certain circumstances, i.e. any work that can impede drainage, affect storm water management, or affect natural waterways (lakes, ponds, creeks, rivers). This includes site development and installation of piers, seawalls, or imported materials (sand, gravel) on or along waterways. See watershed development permit requirements.

Fire Sprinkler Systems
Indoor sprinkler systems are required of all new construction homes and are sometimes required for home additions and remodels. For more information, please refer to the Lake Barrington Municipal Code or contact your local Fire Department, listed below.

The Office of the Attorney General Kwame Raoul has provided the following handouts available to the public regarding the home repair and remodeling act in an effort to protect the rights of consumers:

  • Home Repair and Construction ( HTML) ( PDF)
  • Home Repair: Know Your Consumer Rights (Color) ( PDF)
  • Home Repair and Remodeling Act (effective January 1, 2000) ( HTML)