Fetherling Park

                                                  Fetherling Park Now Open!

Located at 23872 N. Kelsey Rd., across from Freier Farm, this 8.1-acre park was completed with the help of a grant provided by the Open Space Land Acquisition and Development (OSLAD) program, administered by the Department of Natural Resource (IDNR).  

The park includes a walking trail, fitness stations, and an overlook pier on the pond.  The path encircles a mesic prairie, host to bluestem grasses and a variety of native flowers such as coneflowers, black-eyed Susan, spiderwort, and purple prairie clover. Watch over the next few years as the native plants "sleep", "creep" & "leap" until they are fully established. The Village is working with both the LCFPD and LCDOT in the hopes to have the walking trail connected to the Grassy Lake Forest Preserve in the future.

Please see "Prairie Restorations - What to Expect" prepared by Applied Ecological Services, the designer of the park, and the company who will be performing maintenance and management of the site for the next three years. What you see now is the cover crop, while the native plants are "sleeping".  

Songbird Park Rendering

Please contact Village Administrator, Karen Daulton Lange, with any comments or questions at 847-842-6080 or email her at [email protected]