Permit Placard Information

Every Building Permit is issued a Building Permit PLACARD. The Placard lists the permit number, the permit issued/expiration dates, the property owner's last name, the contractor's name, and the scope of work to be completed. It also indicates what inspections are required for your project. The PLACARD MUST BE DISPLAYED on your property the FIRST DAY WORK BEGINS AND REMAIN IN PLACE UNTIL ALL INSPECTIONS HAVE BEEN COMPLETED and APPROVED.  It is required to be displayed so that it is visible from the street or on the front door of your unit. 

If your CONTRACTOR has applied for and obtained the Building Permit for your project, they are required to bring it with them when they start your project. If they DO NOT HAVE THE PLACARD, you should request that they post it on your property before they begin work. This will ensure your contractor has applied for and received the Building Permit as required. Working without a Building Permit can result in fines from the Village for both the homeowner and the contractor. 

As required with the issuance of the permit the marked inspections must be scheduled, completed, and approved before your permit is closed. Without the inspection(s) the Village cannot verify the work was completed according to the code. THE PROPERTY OWNER AND CONTRACTOR ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR OBTAINING COMPLIANCE WITH THE PERMIT. 


Contact B & F Construction Code Services, Inc. directly to schedule the marked inspections listed on the Permit Placard.
24 hr. notice is required.
Main Office hours are 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
(847) 428-7010